Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Special collections: Artists books

I was formerly introduced to the specials collections held at Chelsea library today which totals a collection of over 4000 artists books, multiples and exhibition catalogues. This is something that I had been looking forward to as "the book" as a way of presenting my ideas and work is something that lends itself to those working within the conceptual field. Stanley Brouwn in particular who inspired me to use the method of step counting to support the recording of my spaces. Although we only had an hour as a group and was introduced to a small range of material I did manage to notice an archive box with "Brouwn" on it. 

I have requested these and shall get the opportunity having known about his ideas and work for the past four years to finally look at his collection of books that document his processes. There are rules [rather strict rules] when being introduced to the spacial collections at Chelsea: No photography, clean fingers and you cannot use pen when making notes. These artists books are an invaluable resources and are rare to say the least.

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