Monday, 21 November 2016

Spatial Sequences

When I was further reading into Tschumis' practice, he started to discuss the frame [A term I have often come across when reading about spaces but gallery spaces and paintings]. He discusses that the frame permits the extreme formal manipulation of a sequence within a space, where frames can be superimposed giving one an endless narrative. 

During my seminar with Robin, the suggestion [with enthusiasm] came up about the recording of my movements through my gallery spaces/sites using film. This is a media that I have not used before in my work, but would very much capture the truth of what is taken place [as I have have many peers mention that my model movements appear restricted and robot like]. What would be great to experiment with and explore is what Tschumi outlines as the possible forms of narrative and the impact that they potential have [imagine if these were then shown in a gallery? the audience watching what they have be doing . . .moving through space] 

The following are the formal strategies in how one could present a sequence: 
A Repetitive Sequence
A Disjunctive Sequence
A Distorted Sequence
A Fade in Sequence 
An Insertive Sequence.

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