Monday, 21 November 2016

Open Lecture Series 06: Katy Marks [Citizens Design Bureau]

Note from Lecture:
CDB Themes within work were participation, people, conservation. During university carried out a project in South Africa working with a community in reclaiming space. used a construction technique called "SOMOHO" which is a combination of rammed earth, papercrete, bags and tyres [all of which was available as waste within the landscape] proposed and designed a series of cafe spaces where the community had opportunities to socialize and connect [rebuilding of the community]  

Worked on the redesigned of the Everyman Theatre [located in Liverpool] that was focused on designing for people. People within the city cared about how their landscape and building look and therefore the project wasn't about an architectural stamp or ego being presented. The building facades connects to those who use the space with the incorporation of an updated version of the original 1970/80's neon typeface and photographs of people who make up the surrounding community.

The use of highly industrious materials made up the palette reflecting the industrial action and heritage of Liverpool. the re-use of existing materials was used as a way to showcase that level of community care and appreciation for the space that once stood. Much of the practice supports building on a 1:1 level looking at details and "zooming in zooming out". Katy mentioned that if you are stuck on a project and looking/drawing/presenting it at the same scale then there is a problem.

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