Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Laser cutting appointment

This morning I had my laser cutting appointment with Isabelle working in both acrylic and plywood to cut out my perimeter walls and linear form [taken form my step counts]. I Chose plywood in the end as it was the whitest/lightest material in reference to "white gallery walls" [I also didn't want to start painting my models but allow the materials to play their part].

My main focus for these models has been not only to have a series of conceptual models that explore my narrative but to work with a range of relevant materials and to build my skill set up [also start to engage with the workshops and technician who always have to become your best friend]. Really easy to set up using adobe illustrator and ensuring everything isn't overlapping. I now have my components ready to start assembling in the wood workshop.

My concrete floor plate casts are still setting and drying out and although I now know they are not going to give me the exact finish I wanted originally, they still hold the material qualities that I desired [The technicians seem to love the finish however??] 

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