Friday, 21 October 2016

Writting workshop: Introduction to

Notes from workshop:
There are various models of writing - the model selected should relate to the conduct and context of your practice. The CRP [Critical Research Paper] is a combination of theoretical research and writing on practice [But not diary like] and should/could contain imagery to support subject.

- The structure of the document should indicate and meet the demands of the project.
- There is a co-relation between theory and practice
- Critical engagement with contemporary ISD [Interior Spatial Design] Knowledge [This should take
   the form of a critical debate]
- Demonstrate the importance of research questions [Relating to your practice]
- Sources must be relevant - there should be evidence of these sources throughout the text via
- Text should be analytical/Critical - formulating arguments and taking on others opinions. Ensure you use expertise and support this with your own comments.

Consider the individual position of your practice "Construct" write about your own/self as you would someone else. remember that your practice should be linked and influenced by your theoretical research findings

The design and visual aesthetics of the CRP is supportive of the content and in communicating the intention. Structure - Content - Design

Good/Bad examples:
- Describing the intentions - introduction should provide clear knowledge of the subject and should
  read with confidence.
- Bringing in fluent language that isn't safe - it provides a strong basis for a concern/argument/context
- Use of case studies can support chapter sequencing.
- Avoid over generalization - comments that become grand statements - statements need to be
  supported/critically engaged with.

The introduction should bring the reader within 2 paragraphs what the context is and what the field of knowledge is *Do not describe the project intentions [e.g: My project is about . . . .]

1. Introduction
2. Theoretical Context
3. Case study [artists/architects] each raise an issue that support context but should in their own right 
    be different from one another
4. My practice - development - referring to theory
5. Conclude

Quick go at producing a sentence or paragraph about the context of my work:

With the ever increasing use of digital technologies used by the "contemporary artist" within their practice, the art gallery as a space is now having to take into consideration and accommodate this acclimatization of immersive, industrial scaled and multi-disciplinary/experiential works.

New word: Morphology

The form or structure of anything.
The study of the form or structure of anything.

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