Monday, 24 October 2016

Open Lecture Series 03: Simon Jones Studio

Notes from lecture: 
Simon Jones Studio is a London based Inter-disciplinary studio encompassing architectural furniture. Interested in the idea of "making things" and the typology of the "the trestle" "the bench" "the stool". Explored making using timber and pro typing how the furniture could collapse, be transportable, stack, fold and how they nested when in storage.

Questioned the flexibility of the bench as an object. Material was light and easy t experiment with. 

Was appointed to design the architectural display systems for an exhibition [graphic design showcasing posters, prints, books and type] Used B-sizes to inform scale of display units and modules ensuring that the work was always framed with white space. the display tables almost looked like folded sheets of paper [playing on the idea of the content being displayed].

Has definitely made me consider timber and plywood as a valuable material to use in model making.
Reference to Enzo Mari "Do it yourself" furniture designer

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