Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Unit 01: Exploring and Understanding Research-Led Practice

Unit 1 introduces us into exploring and identifying our initial 'Spatial Concern' this is the overarching area that we arrived onto the course we as was discussed within our initial proposal at the interview. My proposed area or 'concern' was the future of the art gallery/museum which since presenting this at the interview has already explained and opened up multiple dialogues about these as spaces, how these are designed, interacted, engaged with and what will the future art museum need to look like in order to keep it alive? For me this area of research has a broad range of questions and potential models of practice to investigate yet; at this stage when I think about the term 'spatial concern' I feel split as to what that term means into the relationship between art gallery's, museology and the currational aspect . . . I suppose in many ways the sense of confusion is why I am undertaking the MA.  

A key feature and one of the defining reasons why I applied for the MA ISD is the integration and entwined focus on exploring both theory and practice and using both to inform one another. One of my main aims was to become much more practical in my exploration process and yet here I find myself with stacks of critical papers and books that start to engage me with my subject.

In order to engage our brains with a subject form a reference point of view and to help support us in communicating our area of research to our peers we were charged with the task of sourcing five examples of spatial sequences [how one navigates through space] found/connected to a range of mediums. The examples sourced had to not only provide and showcase your understanding of spatial relationship but to form a common connection and framework that would support your research concerns (Again in relation to my own 'The future art gallery') below is the list of mediums and my examples sourced that would be put together on e presentation sheet:

1: Film - 'Over your Cities grass will grow' [Sophie Fiennes]

2: Book - 'Kissing Architecture' [Sylvia Lavin]
3: Building/Space - 'Memorial to the murdered Jews' [Peter Eisenmann]

4: Painting - 'Composition series' [Mondrian]

5: Sculpture - '20:50' [Richard Wilson]

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