Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Visiting the White Cube Gallery [Bermondsey]

Very unsure as to why this has been my first time visiting the White Cube Gallery [Bermondsey]? I do however remember visiting one of the older sites when I was at college.

The building itself designed by Casper Mueller Kneer Architects is surrounded by an extended frame of slotted grills, almost imprisoned from the a far, but it did make me question [Referencing back to the theory lecture on the courtyard] about if this was intentional as if to give you a sense of cover away from the street or an entrance before entering? a moment where one could compose themselves and become prepared before the industrial brick facade opened its doors and let you into the white light. Does it also prevent the courtyard landscape being inhabited by those who are using it as a travel zone rather than an extend entrance of the White Cube?

Purpose of my visit was not to see the Antony Gormley "Fit" exhibition [However this is a huge bonus as I have become over the last two years very interested in his processes and his work whose scale deals with the human body and its relationship to space. There is something very fitting about this particularly exhbition being on in this space that I am visiting as I am also interested in this relationship between us [Human figure] and space within the context of the gallery/museum. As  Antony Gormleys sculptures start to question my position of scale and measurement, I am on my very own personal adventure and mission to navigate through, along and around the gallery space without physically documenting any of the art work on show. 

This is the first part of my active research, looking at the architectural material/components that make up a gallery space as well as questioning my movement and how one moves through the gallery space [obviously the movements I take around the space are consciously governed by the artwork on display] at this moment in time I am purely looking at spatial sequences form the view point of myself and I am not interested in how other view works of art or position themselves within and around the gallery space

Selecting the white cube has come out of reading Brian O'Dohertys "Inside the white cube" and has provided me with a theoretical context and body of ideas about the gallery space as we have come to recognize and know it. The White Cube is at the forefront for displaying works of contemporary art [and it is the contemporary art gallery/museum that I am interested in] and the traditional/iconic outlook of the gallery consisting of white walls and concrete floors is the architectural fabric that makes up the White Cube Gallery

What next? My step count will be developed into a linear map that will then be developed into an orthographic drawing [This has become the basis of my initial work that I wish to present and receive feedback on] I would also like to make a low-fi publication of each of the gallery experiences I have showcasing the spatial sequences in relationship to my own movement and experiences of the space.

Need to now visit the White Cube Gallery [Masons Yard]

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