Monday, 17 October 2016

Open Lecture Series 02: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad

This evenings lecture was presented by London based designer Bahabak Hashemi-Nezhad and looked at the correlation between spaces and narrations through research led practice. Most of Bahbak's work Incorporated photography that was then exhibited or developed into a form of publication. 

Case study 01: [Orderly conduct] Become the personal study of repeated human behavior, which was showcased as a collection of visual images [London/Tokyo/Amsterdam] that correlated the space surrounding one type of human behavior creating a dialogue between the physical action (replicated) by multiple persons and that of the narrative which is created through the surrounding space.

Case study 02: [Public self-portraits] is a sequence of photographs where the subject is in complete control of the photograph identifying and selecting when the photograph was taken. You may consider this to have an element of staged presence within photography however the series showed isolated moments of natural human behaviors in their most genuine state. The images; because of the context create a heavy engagement with the viewer and the subject, with activities including social, domestic, industry and mundane across a set context/environment, one can relate to them on a personal level and start to almost fixate on that moment in time.

One key thing that Bahbak repeated throughout the lecture was the use of people to support research. Although his work clearly has this common characteristic of sequence and narrative [with its users] all of the work showcased identified the importance of work with people to support the engagement and richness of the research so that the project could become relatable to the subject/s

 Relating this to my own field of research:
Q: How does one move through a gallery space?
Q: what are the human behaviors that arise within the context of the gallery
[Observation of people not observation of artwork]
Q: How does one act within the gallery? or better still how should one act within the gallery
"Gallery etiquette"

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