Monday, 10 October 2016

Open Lecture Series 01: K.Wilder - Scale and presence

The first of the evening lecture series was hosted by Dr. Ken Wilder (Programme Director for the MA ISD course) I had previously researched into Dr.Wilders practice as I knew he would be involved in the course and was going to be interview me, but it was a great opportunity to get a further contextualization and understanding about his practice and recent works and his area of research that has come about since the completion of his PHD that looks at the distinct relationship between space and the beholder and area often know as "reception aesthetics.

The lecture discussed a number of projects completed by Dr.Wilder but had a particular focus on two that were more recent bodies of work. The commonality and distinctive quality in the work outlined architecture that discusses perception, scale and how one views the work [a question also rose about the space between work and audience]. In many of the projects the end result was showcased through video that allowed further opportunities to consider scale, speed, use of audio and the location in which the film was shown/projected. The use of film certainly supports this notion of perception and relationship of space and the beholder.

The idea of using film within my own practice [experimental by way of recording and presenting] has definitely started to become a less a question and more of a proposition and with Dr.Wilder being part of my course he will no doubt become a vital support mechanism in challenging and concentrating on the relevance of this within my area of research. 

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