Monday, 17 October 2016

Unit 01: Research & Reflection PT1

What is research?
the sourcing of new information
the expansion on prior knowledge [reinforcement]
the application of uncovering
the answer to all

Generate / Investigate / Collect / Select / Edit / review

Research consists of Primary [Active] and Secondary [Sourced] - Tertiary is the consolidation of both

Why is research important?

Precedents: It is essential that you look at those who already working within the same context/field. What has gone on before? "Always acknowledge your precedents". Through this discussion about identifying and being aware of what has arrived been research/done before you made me think of the following TEDx talk by Austin Kleon:

Contexts of Research:

Political/ Historical/ Geographical/ Cultural/ Sociological;/ Environmental/ Technical/ Theoretical/

What is next:
Begin a context map
Begin a field of study
Begin a list of theortical articles
Begin a list of research methods
Begin to respond to research through practice

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