Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tutorial with Pete

Meeting with Pete to discuss my critique gave me a one-to-one opportunity to really go through the work produced this term. arriving with some already made reflective notes really helped to thrash-out where this project could go and gave Pete an opportunity to understand what happened during the crit. The project needs me to go back a few steps and really try to focus on identifying the context, what have I been interested in throughout this MA and how could I turn this project around. I have a limited amount of time left, with the Gagosian gallery closing soon for an exhibition changeover. The next few weeks over independent study and the Easter break are going to be crucial. I also have my critical research paper deadline, although this is only a draft I do not want to position the paper and write about practice that is then scrapped.

I do prefer at this stage of my MA to have one-to-one tutorials. I feel the group tutorials no longer work, some peers are just not interested in sharing feedback or wanting to get involved. It often leads to just Pete discussing his understanding and judgements. It is disappointing as my tutorial group has halved to seven students since the introduction of an additional group.

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