Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Critical research paper [draft 2] submitted

The Easter break has certainly been an key opportunity to take a break from the whirlwinds of term 2. With the project slightly inconclusive and a bit grey, the CRP was certainly a struggle. I have worked incredibly hard on putting together a real robust introduction and context to the paper so that hopefully the feedback from Ken in a few weeks can focus on what next.  The writing certainly does offer an opportunity to reflect on all the research gathered and really gets me thinking about my interests.  I have pushed my luck with a submission that is way over the word count, but I am hoping that Ken will not dismiss this and provide me feedback on the whole paper.  It comes to light that 5000 words as a final thesis is not a lot and I am going to have to be very clever about how I continue to write and what about. What all this writing has done for me is enable me to relocate the practical side of my MA and consider some options moving forwards. I will be proposing this for the submission of unit 02.

I have run with the title "Museum of the Ordinary". This is a title I used on my portfolio and with my previous submission of both study plan and crp. Yet to decide if this is 100% the final title, although it hasn't been asked about, so perhaps it seems to work.

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