Friday, 10 March 2017

Fred Sandback - Artist Research

I was introduced to the work Fred Sandback during one of the drawing spaces lectures a few weeks back. and had considered the aesthetics and way his work becomes a alternating extension the space vital in my current practice research. With my trajectory lines extruded and my latter assemblage work also taking a 3-dimensional direction, I wanted to get a thorough understanding of what Sandback's work from both a contextual and process point of view to ensure that my work, however visual similar it may start to appear had very different reasons.

The below notes were taken from the Fred Sandback Archives:

Use of acrylic thread – compared to a pencil line. Drawing a line that represents space [referenced Giacometti]. To see a denser space an emptier space around him. The line is not about representing figure/ground. It Phys with architectural space. Original ideas and work related to the spatial object. Illusions are real and reality is allusive. Not an installation artist. The exhibition space becomes part of the work in creating new boundaries. The space isn’t interrupted in a conceptually guided way and the work doesn’t act as a narrative device about the space.

The work is a diffuse interface between myself, my environment and others environments. Built of thin lines that leave enough room to move through and around. Still sculpture but an ambivalence between exterior and interior. A drawing that is inhabitable. It is not the art of trying to stretch a line between two points.

The sculptures are not discrete objects but constitute a material relationship with the environment. The sculpture address the particular space and time they were built in. The work is now site specific and executed for particular place.

Pedestrian space: literal, flat-footed and everyday term

A line of string isn’t a line it’s a thing. It doesn’t define a plane but everything outside its own boundaries. Its an aggregate of experiences. Equally a conceptualization to make something which can be purchased in enough different ways its identity becomes apparent to the name and perception employed. Work now is less structural significant and a relationship to the space. They are not there to teach you about the space the work isn’t environmental, its presents in pedestrian space is not to obscure its context. Co-existent with the environment.

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