Monday, 20 March 2017


So the weekend has passed, it is back to the studio and time to read back over my notes from the verbal feedback I received. With no schedule it is a nice quiet day in the studio to scratch the brain, open my eyes and make another f**king plan of action.

  • Re-visit Gargosian [project to now focus on Britannia Street]
  • Research into Richard Serra, get a greater contextual understanding of work and relationship to space
  • Research into Caruso st John [site architects] 
Research: The architecture of Art Museums: A decade of design 2000-2010, Ronnie Self

"How to critique space: look at a building and write like an architect. A mesh of theory and technical involving unrelated issues"

"Museums are a prominent and important building type. They are places for collecting, exhibiting, conserving, for research, education, contemplation, introspection [observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state]  and enlightenment [impart knowledge]. They are public forums, places for social interaction and an outreach for creation. They are scared spaces. Museums are the preservation of memory"

  • Create my own narrative [potential to juxtapose with de Certeau?]
  • Map the space from multiple views [the space, the body, the sounds etc]
  • Try to gain access to Gargosian Archives

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