Friday, 17 March 2017

Do Ho Suh: Passages

I had heard nothing but great reviews from both peers who had been to see this exhibition and the reviews from Time Out London. The Victoria Miro put on some great shows and it is a great venue partnered up with the accompanying Parasol gallery next door.

Do Ho Suh meticulously constructs proportionally exact replicas of dwelling places, architectural features, or household appliances from stitched planes of translucent, coloured polyester fabric. Constructed much like items of clothing, Suh's portable modules of space were designed to be packed in his suitcase as he travelled between continents. Transitory, connecting spaces – corridors, staircases, bridges, gateways – feature often in the artist's work: rather than borders, Suh is fascinated with the linking spaces through which the body travels

It is ironic when you start to think about all of those transient passage type spaces that we encounter on a day to day basis getting from A-B, those that are embedded in the everyday fabric of our routine and those that we sometimes stumble upon. The exhibition exceeded my expectations, there is an emotional overwhelming feeling once  once situated within the work. Photographs of any kind do not do this justice. The construction of such a narrative through the connecting spaces. It is as though for the first time that Gastons' Poetics of space has come alive.

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