Monday, 6 February 2017

Unit 02: Spatial Stories Planning

Following my unit 01: feedback, I wanted to extend and expand the range of approaches I was using to further develop the project. I had considered what was next in regards to the development of my spatial frames but felt that in order to go beyond the conceptual approach 'as mentioned in my feedback" that I would revisit what has become an essential piece of text, and what was highlighted within the portfolio submission as a clear indication of high level analysis. 

My plan was to revisit the entire chapter of "Walking Cities" from "The practice of everyday life" and extract the key content that then started to support what my practice was about. This idea of highlighting and blacking out irrelevant content is influenced by Newspaper Blackout that start to suggest alternative meanings and stories to existing texts. This is a process that I had completed before but this time I wanted to translate the outcome in a more spatial design, connecting the typographic experiments in with the prior trajectory and route based system work.

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