Monday, 27 February 2017

Drawing Spaces Lecture 07: Depicting Measure

Gordan Matta Clark: retrospective "You are the measure"

How do we communicate scale and measurement in a creative way?

Russell Bell / Simon Elvins - Map of London's silence
Studio Myerscough - way finding systems - exploring green space in London boroughs

Mapping Space - Visual Translation and transformation

Matta Clark: Measuring and the production of forensic drawings of spaces - cutting and pasting text 'strata' - a geographic fiction. Combined with Robert Smithson. Entropy - organized breakdown of the elements]

Studio Forensic Architecture: Working with the ideas of post-conflict architecture [working at 1:1 scale through the method of drawing

James Corner: Taking measurements across the landscape - visualizing these. Images that are scales yet depict a scale through combined imagery. Landscape architecture that provides motif - narrative and variation of programme.

Valerio Morbito: Constructing terrains. working with both memory and landscape.

Conrad Shawcross: Inside the cube - understanding processes to push the work. Working with materials and thinking through making. using technology to allow the audience to engage with the space.

Dahn Vo: Where the lions are: Integrated in the collision between space and time. A curated exhibition working with multiple scales. Wallpaper that has printed replicas of 1:1 botanical illustrations.

Walter Pichler: Architectural drawings of texture and details. the human figure is included to depict spatial understanding. The understanding of the scale, body, material is emphasized into the drawings.

Will Alsop: Playing with expression, material and scale. Conceptual painting to depict proposals for architectural spaces. Ideas of a material landscape.

Fred Sandback: Conceptual minimalist drawings. sculptures at 1:1 that impose the viewer to suggest alternative spaces, planes and geometry. skewing space.

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