Monday, 20 February 2017

Open Lecture Series 13: Studio Weave

Studio Weave are a multi-disciplinary practice whose work responds, relates and creates narratives. Their practice has covered a broad range of project in both scope and scale from musical installations and furniture to current re-generational master plans. The lecture was broken down into a sub-series of points about the various elements encountered and taken into consideration throughout.

1. Furniture: The relationship between furniture and the public to create space and dialogue. Studio Weaves employees' are 50% artists that have moved into architecture as a discipline

2. Public Art: Art within the public realm. The temporal nature of these projects and the impact they have on the users. The acknowledgement to test materials. creating pavilions and public installations.

3. Collaboration: Working with artists who can support the illustrative and visual impact and dialogue of the narrative being communicated. Graphics, murals and other systems to help strengthen the project.

4. Infrastructure: Testing spaces and the responses with the users. How public spaces becomes dominated by activity the social engagement rather than transportation systems. The closure of bus routes to open space up to further social opportunities.

5. In-between space: Whats the programme of activity within these spaces? how do we as spatial designers engage the public within these spaces that take us from one destination to another?

6. Architecture: How do building interact with the public. Making building for people. Working with community groups and locals to support the needs and shape the brief.

Q: How does work sit within the public? how does it interact/impact?

Physical = Architecture & Landscape
Technical = Civil Engineering
Cultural = Arts & Heritage

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