Monday, 6 February 2017

Drawing Spaces 04: Homeric / Meta-Space

Homeric: Proportion / Degree / Character
"People and the built environment"

Cedric Price: Fun Palace
Proposition for a constantly changing space. Theatre and public life submerged together. The relationship between these being questioned. 1960'2 speculative projections of the proposal. A shift in viewpoint and material expression used within the drawings. A combination of drawing strategies used to communicate the proposal. [This approach influenced the Pompidou Centre]

Juhani Pallasmaa: The sequence of movements is internalized within the drawings [AD "The thinking Hand" Article] The-eyes-of-the-skin

John Hejduk: Drawing Matters
Drawing and thinking about space simultaneously. Working into space, questioning the engagement and experience.

Pablo Bronstein: Beach Sheds [Folk stone Triennial]
Expressing the grand scheme of architecture and speculation, questioning space. Looking at the relationship to the environment.

John Pickering: Inverted Space
An inverted projection, Hyrbid model/drawings. Geometrical dissections and perspectives from a sphere. Working over calculated drawings that support the models. The production of calculated spaces to draw inverted objects.

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov:
How we engage with spaces and narratives. Useless objects that have a narrative association. Appreciation of the mundane. Drawings spaces that clearly communicate political narratives and the construction of spaces that hold tactile qualities. 

Gunnar Asplund: Barn Architecture
Woodland chapel [connection to the Lewerentz Lecture in Term 1]
Relationship to nature, interior vs exterior and the relationship between all of these and human presence.

Carlos Ferrater: Landscape Architecture
Relationship between program, sequence, material. Fragmented angles confront the topography. Looking at how angular lines within a natural spaces impacts.

Peter Salter: Woodcarving Museum
The drawings hold an interior/exterior relationship [ known as mole architecture]

Below is a link from Architectural review who published a post on influential architectural drawings:

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