Thursday, 5 January 2017

Unit 01: Theory submission

And so the new year brings with it deadlines, with the first scheduled for the 11th January and what a good feeling it is to submit both required pieces of text way before the deadline. Perhaps all these years of telling students about the importance of meeting deadlines is paying off, as I remember being awful as a BA student.

1. The research study plan has really started to come together as a project proposal and has really challenged me in putting my practice into words that 'make sense'. I think given the nature and context of the project, there is theory that can be discussed and related to and I consider the practice to have constant questions attached to it, which I am hoping will be the drive, but, it is a conceptual project and when formatting that into a question or concern it does have it complexities.

1.Project Question or Proposition – Articulate your areas of interest through the formulation of a question or proposition to be explored.

Unit 01: The museum of the Ordinary

Would you visit an exhibition about the space it was exhibited within?

-        Taking the concept of walking and tracking my own movement through the spaces that are then developed into a systematic measured architectural frame that extends the temporarily of previous exhibitions

-        Developing conceptualised mapped routes into architectural projected structures that Intersect the existing space. Using a juxtaposition of overlapping routes that produce new approaches to moving around and through the gallery space

-        3Dimensional trajectories that re-design the internal layout of the identified gallery space [Creating and formulating dialogues between space and space]

[wider areas pf research relating to the future art gallery]

2. The critical research paper has been a highly reflective exercise placing all the notes and information I have collected during the previous term into a piece of considered text. With only 500 words to play with at this stage, it has been an editing exercise to say the least. I am extremely pleased with my CRP submission and look forward to the feedback. The writing side of the course was one of the elements I most wanted to tackle and improve as I personally feel and part know that my English is terrible [hopefully my blog does it some justice?]. I really have found Kens' lectures helpful with his awareness of both content and language and how he often expands on the language element. I do hope that this is taken further during term 2 and that upon receiving feedback on my critical research paper that they can start to discuss and teach more in-depth skills and knowledge in writing about architecture in the language of architecture.

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