Monday, 16 January 2017

MAISD - Course meeting

1. New term time table available of C-cat

2. New series of evening open lectures arranged by Wayward [Linked with the transient social environments sign up project]

3. ICA lectures to continue on Wednesdays [Cannot attend due to work]

4. Wednesday 25th - Guys Hospital [place-making project exhibition form last year] go and visit as this project may be running again

5. Tutorials Thursday - Bring a POA of portfolio and work made ahead of unit 01: deadline

6. Monday 30th Portfolio review with peers 14:30/16:30

7. Pete involved in Tate Modern symposium events [Digital VR environments]

8. Kens live project this year will be working with the the special collections and archive material in the library and looking at a spatial proposal [portable archive] There will be budget and funding available for a proto-type

9. 6th February for the official launch of unit 02:

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