Monday, 16 January 2017

Plan of action

It is fair to say I have taken a full Christmas break and although I was delving into books and still thinking about my work, I took the time to relax. It is now plan of action time, what is my 'museum of the Ordinary' portfolio going to look like and what does it contain? Although this project will extend past unit 01: I really want my submission to completed responses that can be used throughout term 2 to develop. I don't want to be re-looking at the same work and recreating the same exercises. I have therefore set myself the task to produce a rather large body of work that really strips each component and feature of the project i have initially explored. Term 2 for me will be to focus on the development of my trajectories into frames and start to situate these into the spaces via manipulation so that I can reflect on the effects they have. Cost and time bound I may even attempt to produce a half scale model so that I am fronted and faced with the impact. for now here is my POA.

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