Friday, 20 January 2017

Portfolio Development . . .deadline approaching

Its fair to say I have been working overtime since returning to uni and although I had a slight set back with having three days of fever I have made up those hours. I have also push myself into some new skill sets that has seen me design and make my own fold-able metal ruler as part of my measuring space works and I have taught myself how to book bind [would still benefit form a short course] but it is a start. I also feel a lot more confident in using Adobe Indesign as I have really challenged myself with the production of multiple books.

The ruler was spot welded together with a central piano hinge. On the inside face it has a series of in script marks and initials that relate to bodily measurements. The use of own measurements was in reference to both Stanley Brouwn and Antony Gormley.

For an individual that cannot sew, I am really impressed with my efforts. My main book consists of a range of paper and I felt that having the graph paper [of which I had used to produce to my original drawings on] added a consideration to the process of my work and what i have gone through this term. All that remains left is to attach a canvas dust jacket.

The portfolio has really started to come together now with all of the small elements creating a rather large body of work. The range of different forms situated within the portfolio really supports the context, some may find parts of it gimmicky, but I believe overall they are all relevant and selective design decisions. There has been a lot of conversations in the studio and throughout the most recent tutorials about the format, with many planning on similar styled books. I personally think taken the risk I have will at least enable me to get some different feedback and if it is a book that they want then there is Unit 02 and Unit 03.

Giving feedback on each others work the week following assessment is going to be interesting, it will be great to have a look at others approach and use it as perhaps a skills based discussion. I know me and Piera have been in the studio every day and have been working late, also in constant discussions with each other via whatsapp about the aesthetics relating to both our projects.

It would be so easy now to flick through my work and want to change elements, everyone could. I think for me I want to really consider a robust POA for term two that perhaps takes me into a new direction. I need to learn the basics of CAD and need to get back on the reading band wagon [especially the morning train routine].

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