Saturday, 3 December 2016

Vitruvian Dan

As my gallery work has been documented through the act of stepping and that my "step" has been used as a form of measurement to navigate around the space I have considered integrate other measurements "again taken form my own body" that can start to support me with turn this into a frame. The Vitruvian man is an iconic piece of works that relates itself to proportion, geometry and scale. I am not considering myself the new "Vitruvian Dan" but I have considered a host of measurements that could be used in conjunction with my frame.

Step = 750mm
Heel to Toe = 570mm
Feet width [wide stance] = 780mm
Floor to Knee = 560mm
Floor to waist = 1060mm
Floor to Shoulder = 1525mm
Floor to Head = 1830mm
Floor to reach = 2340mm
Arm reach [tip-tip] = 1910mm
Shoulder width = 460mm

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