Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pecha Kucha Planning

On Monday I will be required to deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation in the banqueting Hall. I know this space at Chelsea well, as I come here annually for the UAL conference. It is large and daunting and there will be a large screen, a microphone and a possible attendance of 57 people [2 tutors and 55 peers if it is a full house]. Traditionally a Pecha Kucha presentation is composed of 20 slides, each slide being presented for 20 seconds. I only have to present 10 slides "each at 20 seconds" so visual communication is essential. 3minutes and 20 seconds of stage presence is fine, I use to do more than that on a daily basis at work.

General rules being creating a Pecha kucha:
- Slides need to be have automatic timings
- Do not sure complex amounts of text
- Do not show big ideas of the first slide
- Organize information so that each slide connects with the previous and next
- Do not repeat content
- Each slide should communicate a clear topic, point or question

Elements to include within my Pecha kucha:
 - Mind map showing macro/micro context
- Theory
- Process of research
- Work made
- Precedents
- Development of work
- What next

My PechaKucha - The museum of the ordinary:


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