Friday, 9 December 2016

Tutorial Trauma

It has become highly apparent now that some of my peers are not interested in listening or contributing any form of supportive feedback or dialogue to anybody throughout tutorials. Some literally do not talk until they are asked to present their own work. With a little help form David Shrigley this is the impression I get.

This week led to new frustrations with the word "stuck" being thrown around a lot. Now I have had my moments of feeling lost and I am sure I have many more to come, but you overcome these, you discuss, research, question and filter what is and what isn't important to give yourself a new direction. What is annoying is that some of my peers are wanting to be told an answer in response to their "I'm stuck" question, and with a group of peers [a majority not really wishing to speak up] there is this pressure to contribute. there are probably five of us "including the tutor" who actually make an active contribution to every tutorial either by making a comment, asking a question, giving a reference or idea.

One of my peers [no names] after a rather awkward tutorial of which silence was the main component, came back into the studio on Friday to look for me; and wanted a tutorial. I do not mind for one second being as supportive as possible and with my existing role as a tutor outside of the course it is very easy for me to start to fall into that behaviors but if you want an effective peer tutorial then you have to bring something along!

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