Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Steel plinth fabricated

The plinth has been fabricated and it looks beautiful! it has had a counter weight welded into the base giving it weight that will prevent it from moving during the interim show.  The size of the plinth relates to my bodily walking measurements. A scale used in my unit 01 work when developing the route systems. the base is 1 Fardell foot x 1 Fardell foot with the height 1 Fardell step. Although this information is personal to me and will not be published to the audience I will disclose it to my tutors. I think having it fabricated from scratch has really added value to the work and I am looking forward to seeing how this will situate itself within the white gallery space and present my narrative.

The plinth will remain outside in my garden until I drop it off at Chelsea on Saturday 6th May. everyday I will be spraying the steel in a 60/40 mix of water and malt vinegar to speed up the rusting process.

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