Monday, 8 May 2017

Interim show H&S briefing

This morning we all met in the colleges Triangle space [gallery 1] for an interim show briefing. The show is a collaboration between MA Textile design and ISD students. Although the curatorial team was mixed the rest of us had never met each other. We are still unsure as to why we are having a joint show? there is an awful lot of us and I think everyone is slightly nervous about how the show will come together.  We have just two days to prep and install ahead of Tuesdays 17:00 private view. Having done shows every year with students I know the stress, stupidity and chaos of these situations . . this could be interesting.

Personally  however, I feel OK about the interim show. I will be purely presenting my narrative on my plinth and have decided that for distribution issues and costs I will be printing my narrative on sheets of paper and not in a book format. I have a simple installation set-up and just need to focus on getting a space that works for the project.

The original proposed location of my work is situated close to the bar and it doesn't work for me. I want my work to be placed within the entrance space due to the nature of the work [the audience picking up my narrative] too far into the space and it could feel like a sculpture that people may not engage with.

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