Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thinking through drawing

This morning I had another tutorial and just showed Pete and my peers the spatial plan I had developed that had been helping me construct my narrative. I also wanted to take the opportunity to clear up anything unclear and spoke about drawing in a more sculptural and installation sense. Pete seemed happy with this and was starting to get excited about the prospects of my project [a huge change from last week!] This restored some faith in myself and that I was making sense with my proposal. Pete advised me to use unit 02 to give him some indication of what could come and to include proposal drawings in my portfolio submission. Drawing my experience is going to be a huge task and I am slightly lost as to where to start. How do I produce a drawing that shows body movement, weight and line of sight??

mapping out my notes taken from walking around the gallery

Every week I am bombarded with emails form the college that have a continuous line up of events for postgraduate students to attend. I haven't signed up to any before, mainly due to time but there was an event advertised at LCF entitled "thinking through drawing". With the direction of my project bringing up "drawing" as a fundamental element I decided to sign up and see what the workshop offered. If anything I was expecting perhaps a critical discussion about the importance of drawing and how I could approach drawing my experience [that was starting to consider multiple elements].  

The session was an introduction about drawing [as an approach]. It was very much focused on the discussion but did provide interesting exercises where we had to talk and draw with a partner. My role as tutor has helped me when working with student during tutorials and that exact process of mapping out and drawing whilst talking. I found it helpful as it forced me to consider how this drawing/sculpture/installation would communicate my ideas and experience. I know feel more confident in submitting some drawings that would hopefully start to communicate my proposal.

Activity 1 Mark making / Activity 2 drawing a problem through lines & forms

Activity 3 Drawing whilst talking

Activity 4 drawing your proposal in four different ways

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