Thursday, 11 May 2017

Proposal drawing

I have been thinking about how this drawing is going to come together and work in the form of communicating the spatial narrative. For the final show I know that the text will be presented alongside this [although I need to consider how this will also be presented]. I have started to think about each element as its own drawing and then place these together to produce the final installation.

I need to work at a reasonable scale, but also a scale that depends on the space I am given for the final show [to be discussed in my unit 02 feedback]. The installation will consist of four layers of information presented at heights that deals with their relationship to the body.

1. A concrete cast of the Gagosian floor plan giving an indication of the space that I am walking around. This will be presented on the floor of the gallery space

2. The drawing of weight. this is one of the more difficult elements to explain as I am working on how I can produce marks that start to communicate weight distribution [matching the descriptions in the text]. This will be suspended just above the concrete cast in line with my ankle height. I am looking into Japanese printmaking papers that are light weight in GSM but incredibly strong

3. steel box section that will show a linear route of where I moved. According to Frank [technician] this is easy to work work and I have already started to look at the various junctions I can purchase to help with the angles of my direction. This will be suspended at the height of my waist. A fixed center point of my body.

4. Wire that will be a series of lines welded together showing line of sight. This is complex and will take a lot of time to draw up ensuring that I work with angles and duration lines. This will be suspended in line with own eye line.

To support the potential installation process I have considered the idea of a timber framed reflective mount that would act as a perimeter line of the space. This will enable me to suspend the work form this frame and not into the ceiling. The issue I have is that the final MA show is in studios that will not be clear until mid-august. It is really important that I get an allocated space asap and can start to measure up. The concrete floor is going to have to be made on site and in location as once it is set it is very unlikely that I will be able to move it without it breaking.

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