Thursday, 20 April 2017

MA ISD Meeting

It has felt like months since I have been into the studio and seen my peers. Almost three and a bit weeks of break and now it is time to return to what is going to be an extremely busy final few before hand-in. With all eyes on the completion and submission of the CRP it is fair to say the practice has taken a step back, but it is now time to really think about the direction of the project as I have an interim show in around two weeks time.

Notes from meeting:

- 10 studio days to complete interim show work

- 27.04.17: presentation and discussion of what interim show plans are

- 04.05.17: Submit interim show proposal (include notes, dimensions and sketches)

For the interim show I am going to concentrate on the production of a spatial narrative that explores the experience of walking around the Gagoisan space and engaging with Serra's work. This is something that has still been very relevant to my previous work and deals with experience, time and memory. It will also give me a chance to produce some additional written work which I have thoroughly started to enjoy. Writing about space that will hopefully set me up for unit 03.

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