Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Colleague coversation

Following on from my critique with Charlotte I took the opportunity today at work to discuss my current plans with two of my close colleagues Maria and Sioni. Both have been exceptionally supportive through my MA process and both have a vested interest in the work I have been doing. it was a session that wasn't dissimilar to the 'thinking through drawing' workshop I attended as my marker pen at the ready and white board in front of me. As I mapped out each feature I was able to draw it live whilst both discussed and gave their own personal view on they would perceive the work.
As both have read the narrative, they knew what I was attempting to communicate and we started to speak in real detail about particular characteristics and features. use of materials and how the text could be integrated, colour and how this could not be approached in a confirmed way but had to hold a relationship to the work, the way the audience would be and approach the work within the exhibition space and so on.
This has really firmed up some of my creative choices and with these two agreeing on not all but a majority of the reasons and aesthetics to the work, that I can really start to push this forwards with production. I have been in-between studio days having a lot of evening conversations with my father about fabrication and in particular the process of installing and suspending the work which play an important role in its success. 

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