Friday, 30 June 2017

Peer critique

So today was one of those days in the studio where it was all about questioning. For a number of weeks since discussing my initial installation plans I have spent far too much time procrastinating. I have been looking over each of the features and element's within the design and although I have this vivid image in my head I have just been on a bit of a back foot with production. Whilst looking over my plans and ideas my peer charlotte aka Crocs joint me in trying to really thrash out what it all meant. Not being in the same tutorial group nor scheduled on the same day, it is rare for me and crocs to find the time to discuss our work and create our own mini critique. Well . . . you suddenly start to identify weaknesses when you can't fully explain your work and reasons as to why. It was fair to say the crocs was able to pull apart the work very quickly and this led to a rather long and intense discussion about the relevance, how the audience may perceive the work and an overall simplification of the whole installation.
It was outlined that the strongest feature of the work to date is the spatial narrative and that this wasn't being executed to its full potential being proposed as wall mounted text. This was considered as a disconnection between text and installation and that the text needed to become further integrated within the installation so that it advertised to the audience the purpose of walking around.
The eye lines were considered confusing and irrelevant in that it would be near on impossible to situate the audience within the space correctly as to create a relationship between them and this feature. This was a real big relief in my opinion to hear this, as this was the one aspect that I was really struggling to draw and consider how to go about making.
Overall it felt great and really refreshing to have a real in-depth critique that wasn't just accepted but was challenged. The tutorials and critiques this year [despite me having some tough criticism at times] have generally been catch ups and have lacked those fleshing out intellectual conversations. Although I am taking a step back and going to re-draw out the installation plans, I feel much more confident in why it is what it is and how this will work as a complete body of work that will make sense to the audience.

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